Call of Duty: Heroes




Lead your own army in Call of Duty


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Call of Duty: Heroes is a real-time strategy game along the lines of Clash of Clans where you have to build your own military base and direct some of the most charismatic characters from the Call of Duty franchise.

Gameplay in Call of Duty: Heroes is virtually identical to the aforementioned Clash of Clans. That is, you have to manage an operations base where you can build all kinds of buildings, such as oil depots, gold depositories, machine-gun bunkers, and barracks where you can recruit soldiers.

From your headquarters, you can recruit lots of different soldiers and even some heroes like Captain Pierce, Soap, and Ghost. And from here you'll also have to dive into the different missions that make up the Call of Duty: Heroes story mode.

In these missions, you'll have to attack enemy bases, deploying your troops to strategic locations. You can also directly control your heroes and even get a first-person perspective when shooting from a helicopter.

Call of Duty: Heroes is a good strategy game that, while not necessarily unique within this saturated genre, does provide a fun experience for fans of the Call of Duty franchise.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher